Collection: Wood Logo Routed Business Signs

Imagine your business name and logo emerging from the wood as if by magic, a visual symphony of design and nature. The rich, earthy tones of the wood provide the perfect backdrop for your message, a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. And when light dances upon the textured surface, shadows and highlights collaborate to cast a mesmerizing play that draws all eyes.

Routed Wood Oak Sign 


Our Wood Signs are made from either Alder or Poplar woods (other woods are available). Alder is a durable and stable wood for outdoor signs. We can use composites as well up to 3/4in thick as another option and price point. Wood signs we offer can be Routed in or 2D carved for your Business logo. 

Routed Cherry sign detail of Carving

Colors and stains on our wood signs are limitless. We can match your logo off of any vector file or Pantone Color.

Routed Maple with Brown image

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