CNC Routing- We can Route really any thing you wish. 2D or 3D in wood and composites. We can make you those custom parts or that one of kind item. We can route plastics, acrylic, composites, and Alum. CNC routing is great for making jigs if you need a custom jig for your products. 

Laser Cutting- One of the lasers we can cut all our metals up to 3/8th inch thick we can do engraving in the metals as well. Our other laser is set up for composites, plastics, acrylics, and wood. We can cut up to 1/2 inch thick. 

Laser Engraving- wood, leather, tumbles, and slate. Please contact us on your laser engraving needs. The sky is the limit on this service.

Design- Most of our designs are revolved signs and home decor. We over realistic drawing with details on how it would be made. We can do designs for your business or small business branding. 

Digital Vinyl Graphics- We do full color graphics for your business or marketing. All graphics are rated for outdoor use. 

3D Printing- Have multiple printers we can do one of printing or large runs. We can even print wood! Please Click here for Printing services. 

Welding & Bending- If your order needs something welded or bent we can do that for you. We can roll parts as well.